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product specifications

A solid bench highly resistant to weather conditions and vandalism. Besides the standard versions in fair-faced grey cement, white cement and acrylic colours, it is also offered in the highly successful reconstructed stone versions: black, white, pink or green with polished finish.






concrete with or without wood seat




cm 200 x 50 x 50 h

   78.75" x 19.75" x 19.75' h

kg  400

  880 lbs


Andromeda can be positioned on any viable surface and requires no mounting. 

Maintenance-free. Recommend a basic proofing procedure and subsequent anti-graffiti treatment.


 LED lighting


Product code

andromeda connect

The new version of Andromeda is equipped with a central lighting (fluorescent or led version), one or more watertight electrical outlets with USB port for charging mobile devices and traditional grip (for charging personal computers and other electronic equipment). Finally there is a wireless repeater that increases wireless coverage for all WLANs.  Installing repeaters on multiple benches you can create a zone with full coverage of wireless multimedia traffic support.



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