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 indoor – outdoor laser cut metal   benches.  




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Maintenance and care of the metal parts
Notes about cleaning the powder-coated surface:
- Only use clear water, if necessary with a little neutral cleaning agent added (pH 7) and soft, non-abrasive rags, cloths or industrial cotton. Do not rub hard.
- Remove greasy, oily or sooty substances with aromatic-free petroleum spirits or isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Residues of stickers, chewing gum or adhesive bands, etc. can also be removed this way.
- Do not use any solvents that contain esters, ketone, alcohols, aromatics, glycol ether or halogenated
hydrocarbons or similar substances.
- Do not use anything abrasive that will scratch.
- Do not use strong acids or alkali cleaning agents.
- Do not use cleaning agents of indeterminate composition.
- The cleaning agents may not be used at temperatures that exceed 25 °C. Do not use steam cleaning devices.




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