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The inspiration for our captivating harbor service pedestal comes from peculiar marine invertebrates, corals. The unusual form allows us to create many different configurations. Multiple service hatches and power outlets can be mounted depending on the requirements. The body of the service pedestal is made from durable polyethylene plastic and is semi transparent to light. The latter allows us to turn this piece of functional hardware into a lighting fixture that adds aesthetic and sculptural value to its environment. The branches of the coral are used as mounting points for power outlets, hatches and water taps. Up to six different power outlets can be mounted on a single service pedestal. The body and the electronic components are mounted on a central aluminum frame and the hatches allow for a quick access in order to service electronic components or change the LED bulbs. The water supply system is separated from the electronics through autonomous enclosed space, which ensures intactness and safeness in case of water leakages.








Rotomolded polyethylene 








depth      36cm        14.55"
height    125cm             38"

length     73cm       28.75"

Weight:      kg. /   lb.


This product  can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. 



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