Space2Go Collection 




a ground independent structure of sophisticated design which is made up of modular components. Tubbo has been designed to create a visionary experience of the outside world. Enjoy the landscape and a wonderful atmosphere while being sheltered from the weather.


Short or Long-Term Installations
The modular concept allows for a quick and easy assembly, which makes it an ideal, cost-effective and attractive solution to shelter people from extreme weather conditions. The installations may be temporary or permanent.

Transportation and Assembly
The modules can be shipped, assembled and disassembled easily. They do not require ground anchor points.

ecoshelter series

S1:  Modular system for dwelling units with high performance shell. Developed for extreme climatic conditions: scientific expeditions, mountain bivouacs and huts, high quality temporary-shop, exclusive bungalows in nature, technological infastructures.


S2:  Modular system with a refined design, extremely flexible in its use. s2 is an essential cabin suitable for temporary, seasonal, or permanent uses. Multifuncional: for natural environments, urban, or spare time ones.


S3:  :   Construction system for high quality homes in mounting kit, available also for owner-assembly. For residential and commercial uses. For every environment: s3 is the winning solution where the contact with nature is the priority.


MyHome:  Customized prefab houses and buildings. Specifically designed for your needs. Of a high quality, ecological, efficient. An innovative and low cost process to realize your home, with you.


product specifications