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The use of vegetation to cover buildings and walls is
now a standard in modern architecture. Like a thermal
and acoustic insulation, vertical green walls protect the
building from solar radiation, significantly improving its
inhabitants’ quality of life. WallY can be installed quickly and easily, it resists to weathering and ensures the ideal habitat for the growth of plants. Thanks to WallY, properties improve their energy performances and increase its aesthetic value.

WALLY is the perfect solution to create
vertical green walls and to delimit spaces
and green areas such as gardens. WALLY
resists to weathering, improves energy performances
of the building and makes it more
beautiful and comfortable. The original texture
of the grid, available in many colours, adorns
walls even before they are covered with vegetation.
WALLY is ideal for existing and new
buildings and it has also a great aesthetic
and environmental value in a urban context

grid actual size   58 x 58 x 7.5         (22.8 x 22.8 x 3")
material               PE HD
weight:                 1.50                      (3.3 lbs)
pallet size            120 x 120 x 240    (48 x 48 x 96")
items per pallet    180
m2 per pallet        60                         (645 sf)
colors                   Green-White

planter  size        58 x 22 x 20           (22.8 x 8.6 x 7.8")
material               PE HD
weight:                 1.20  kg                 (2.6 lbs)
pallet size            100 x 120 x 200    (40 x 48 x 78")
items per pallet    100
m2 per pallet                                  
colors                   Green-White

The structure of the anchor points keeps the elements detached from the wall, creating a natural ventilation gap


The particular texture of the trellis guarantees beauty and elegance to he wall even before the growth of the vegetation


WALLY creates the ideal habitat for the growth of plants. In this way green walls act as a beneficial
insulation system over time


Made of virgin HDPE with anti UV treatment, WALLY
provides maximum strength and durability


The green system protects existing wallls, insulating the building both thermally and acoustically


Lightweight and modular, WALLY can be attached
directly to the wall or just with simple sub-structures

It is necessary to pay attention to the correct insertion of the three supports of the pot (two lateral supports with the slot for the insertion of the wall hook and the central one) on the three specific spaces of WALLY element, in order to guarantee the best stability to the grid.


You can install WALLY on existing walls or build self-supporting walls and partitions anchoring the elements to a substructure.

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