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LightSpot is the initial result of a research project carried out by the Aarhus School of Architecture in cooperation with Kollision, Out-sider, Mads Walberg, Aarhus Municipality and Martin Professional with the support of the Danish Lighting Innovation Network andRealdania.

LightSpot is a series of luminescent urban furniture designed to interact not only with one another, but with urban residents. LightSpots create spaces on urban squares by inviting new forms of social interaction: investigation, informal meetings, play, wonder and relaxation. In the evening they glow slightly, inviting interaction. LightSpot lights up further whenever someone sits on it to create a space of light surrounding whoever is sitting down or standing nearby. A laser light-source is activated at selected times, shining out through a slit in the side to interact with nearby furnishing.

This project has been temporarily set up in central Århus until the end of 2013 and is subsequently to be tested in other cities and constellations before launching as a standard item.



The project Light Spots aims at designing a new generation of interactive urban furniture, which are able to interact with each other, creating new social spaces and new forms of playful interaction between citizens. The project is one among several initiated by the Danish Lighting Innovation Network. The first step of the project is to produce a number of prototypes for Bispetorv in Aarhus, Denmark. The project carried out by Kollision in collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture, Municipality of Aarhus, and the companies Out-Sider and Martin Professional. Realdania financially supports the project. Prototype two has been carried out together with Wahlberg



The prototypes of Light Spots urban furniture are equipped with sensor-controlled sources of light, allowing them to interact with other Light Spots in the area. In the evening, the Light Spots will glow dimly, inviting people to sit. When sitting down, the light will grow brighter, creating a circle of light and shooting a beam of light, which can be aimed at one of the other Light Spots to activate it. The aim of the prototypes is to experiment with different settings, expressions and interaction opportunities.



Each piece of urban furniture is built in two parts. The lower part stands firmly on the ground and the top is a plastic shell as a large seat cushion, which can be rotate on its own axis, allowing the user to control the direction of the beam of light. When not in use, the Light Spots will pulse in different colours and hereby invite people to interact.


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