NaturalForms Collection 




product specifications

a) Length : 1000 mm,
b) Width: 494 mm,
c) Height: 500 mm,

2. Materials:
Fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) based on eco-friendly polyester
resin are used for the production of the Modullaro collection.
The highest quality materials ensure the strength, durability and
resistance to soiling, mechanical damage and weather conditions.
Assembly sheets (optional) made of stainless steel, covered with
powder paint.

3.Weight: approximately: 16 kg

4. Operating temperature:
Semi-finished products used for the production of the elements can
be used from -40°C to 80°C
( -40°F to 176°F ).
The components cannot be permanently immersed in water.

5. Color versions:
Wide range of colors according to the RAL palette.
At the individual request of the customer, special color variants
are also available.

6. Mounting options: It is possible to anchor benches to
previously prepared foundation using mechanical anchors. It is
possible to connect individual benches with each other.
You can combine both possibilities and so the benches can be
connected to each other, and also attached to the ground.
Safety regulations must be respected during the installation.
Installation details on the other side,

7. Routine cleaning
Cleaning and maintenance operations depend of the place of
installation. It is recommended to perform thorough cleaning and
general inspection for possible damage at least once a year.
It is recommended to apply a coating facilitating cleaning and
preventing permanent soiling in accordance with the "Cleaning
and maintenance instructions for products made of glass
(FRP laminate)”.




1. Why is it worth using the FRP material?
Use of glass-polyester laminate (FRP) allows:
obtaining complex shapes not available through production
high stiffness and strength of the components despite low
implementation of unit orders with various colors.
using eco-friendly raw materials for environmental protection;
no hazardous volatile compounds are emitted from the surface
of the products.
repairing possible damage.
manufacturing from materials with the Hygienic Certification

2. Maintenance
Products made of FRP laminate can be washed and maintained.
The agents used should not damage the surface of the laminate;
they should act only on the given type of soiling in order to remove
it. The list of cleaning agents is available in "Cleaning and
maintenance instructions for products made of glass
(FRP) laminate".
For other cleaning agents it is required to perform a test on an
invisible surface.
It is forbidden to use agents and substances which may scratch
the surface or cause other permanent damage.

3. UV protection
Using the highest quality gel coats, resins and coating materials
from the leading manufacturers ensures resistance to UV radiation
and weather conditions.

4. Unique properties
The highest quality materials and many years of experience of the
leading European manufacturer of FRP laminates make it
possible to obtain the products with not only high quality but also
with a unique design refined in every detail. Each project is
considered individually by our employees to meet all customer
requirements. Therefore you can be sure that our products are
unique and unrepeatable and will distinguish your company.

5. Resistance to vandalism
The very high strength of FRP laminates ensures resistance to
impacts and scratches. At the request of the customer, we can
also use flame-retardant materials that improve operational safety
and protect against vandalism.

6. Certificates held by the company:
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Hygienic Certificate




Colored FRP



Sits directly on the ground.. Can be anchored





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