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The ONYX sofa is a 3-metre long seat made of carbon fiber and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It is the first in a line of made to measure furniture. Separated by means of a sharp straight cut, Volvic stone has spent thousands of years filtering the water for its aquifer, before being hand carved and married to hi-tech carbon fiber with its structured and technical texture ; its shapes precisely adjusted to the volcanic stone.

The ONYX sofa is the illustration of a series of unique pieces of furniture, made to measure, to suit the choice, origin and personality of the customer, but which always respects a common idea : the union, via a pronounced clear cut, between
hyper-technological materials : carbon fiber, glass fiber, aluminum… and raw and natural materials : rock, wood, stone.


The ONYX furniture project aims not only to marry varied materials but also blend the latest digital & automotive technologies with hand crafted raw natural materials.

First in a line of unique pieces, the ONYX sofa straight cut separates two components, Volivc lava stone hewn from the mountain and shaped entirely by hand & carbon fiber manufactured from a precisely milled mold designed using
a digital scan of the rock.



Onyx Sofa Collection                          

Made to measure - Unique model of a 4 seat sofa


Dimensions                 L 328 cm x l 82 cm x H 90 cm


Weight                          400kg / 880lbs

Finish                           Carbon Fiber and Volvic                                               volcanic lava stone


Availability                   1 unit available / otherwise on                                      demand



Onyx Armchair Collection                          

Made to measure - Unique model of a 1 seat armchair


Dimensions                 L 110 cm x l 85 cm x H 90 cm




To be defined ( 400-600kg) /  the weight can possibly be reduced by hollowing out the stone & metalic part but it would more costly in the milling process)

Finish                           red ferrous jasper & steel


Production time          6-8 month  + transit


Please note for multiple quantities, the  seats will be slightly different and unique as different natural stones will be sourced that will have their own distinctive form with with the same design spirit.





Dimensions            L 241 cm x W 168 cm x H 83 cm

Weight                      614 kg / 1350 lbs

Finish                       Black lacquer and brilliant white

Frame                       Pleyel 2.04 meter baby grand                                      with computer-optimized high                                      strength cast iron frame.

Mechanic                   Renne                                        professional, to the specification  and design of Pleyel

Foot                           Unique monofoot in composite carbon fibre and steel with ball bearings and independent braking system

Cover                        In carbon fibre with single handed, 3 position ratchet mechanism.

Keyboard                  88 keys, 7 1/3 octaves, flush with the frame, no fall.



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