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The thickness of the ribbings and the material elasticity make RUNFLOOR the perfect solution for the realization of equestrian surfaces dedicated to training, races, paddocks or carousels, as it ensures the total protection of the tendons and joints of the horse. Furthermore the high permeability of the grid prevents the formation of mud, keeping the surface always dry.

RUNFLOOR is suitable for the creation of any type of drivable surface. It is made of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), a plastic material characterized by high flexibility, which makes it resistant even when exposed to the sun, avoiding the crystallization typical of grid elements made of other polymers.For this reason, RUNFLOOR is useful for public parkings or permeable drivable surfaces and suitable for heavy vehicles and any area where there is no need of
steady maintenance.


Thanks to the elasticity of the LDPE of which it is made, RUNFLOOR guarantees maximum resistance to the passageof heavy vehicles, such as lorries and trucks. Installed on a permeable sub-base built with sand or gravel, it allows to create consolidated and comfortable drivable surfaces. Moreover, thanks to the UV-resistant treatment, RUNFLOOR ensures longlasting results.


RUNFLOOR is ideal for creating green permeable surfaces for the passage, the transit and the parking of heavy vehicles. RUNFLOOR material and structure guarantee maximum load-bearing capacity and resistance to the typical stresses produced by vehicles, such as brakings and swerves, also in areas characterized by low temperatures, without the risk of crystallization, which is typical of traditional grids. Once the grass has grown, the surface looks like a natural lawn.

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