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product specifications

Gripper INDOOR is the tile for the creation of multi-purpose indoor surfaces. The surface is completely smooth and its structure combined with a cushioning carpet, offers softness and comfort. Gripper Indoor keeps the versatility and the ease of installation which distinguish the other products of the range.

Gripper was designed to create a high level technical response in all sports. The Indoor solution is perfect for HOCKEY in-line. It in fact, requires a smooth surface for skates and disk fluidity. Gripper Indoor is modular and its color is customizable, it has a completely smooth surface and a particular structure that makes possible to place it on different types of cushioning mats. This is useful for a sport of contact like hockey, where it is necessary to cushion slips or falls. Gripper is particularly suitable for sports with skates, as it is designed to reduce joint fatigue.

Gripper OUTDOOR floorings are designed for multidisciplinarity and to guarantee fun and safety in every sport: futsal, tennis, basketball, volleyball and hockey. GRIPPER is the ideal solution to obtain a multipurpose surface for every type of sport activity, both indoor and outdoor, on temporary or permanent playing fields. The perforated surface of the tiles guarantees the drainage during rain, easy cleaning and maximum safety in every sport. The installation is very easy thanks to the Snap-fit locking system and can also be realized by unskilled personnel. 

This is the tile designed for certified ITF TENNIS fields for a fast game. Its size is of 12” x 12” (1 square foot) and allows the creation of regulatory tennis fields with a different colour between the internal and external area of the field. The surface was designed to obtain a fast and enjoyable game and guarantee the field versatility and its handling when required.

GEOSKI is the revolutionary synthetic surface to practice winter sports the whole year, even in absence of snow. GEOSKI was created for the realization of high technical rate ski slopes, in order to obtain the same grip and fluidity of the snow skiing.

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