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 StreetScape Collection 


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product specifications

The lines defining public spaces are becoming increasingly imperceptible and unclear. “inside” has become the natural continuation of “outside” in the search for a sort of all-embracing harmony. This is why we  believe it is necessary to make sure that these boundaries and borders don’t obstruct or limit our view, but blend in harmoniously, becoming part of their natural surroundings. Needless to say, fences must perform their intrinsic task of separating and defining spaces. However, this is done in such a way as to create an appearance of “everything belongs to everyone” which, though in essence only theoretical, provides a gratifying view and underpins the concept of public space as just that. The result is more lively and liveable, a pleasant atmosphere of freedom, and enhanced relationships between individuals and between individuals and the spaces they live in.




Powdercoated galvaniized steel fencing  in modules welded a to steel base structure for easy assembly on foundation wall.  Offset verticals give the impression of a bamboo fence


two different heights 50 and 70 in,

6'6 module length


anchored to foundation wall below grade






Product code

 Standard colours  (approx. RAL)


Standard colors plus any RAL based on quantity


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