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product specifications

Bru collection is characterized by emphasizing the value of wood, by wooden ribbons of 45mm thickness, supported by 8mm steel sheet. The combination of both materials results in a design system which allowed us developing the backrest bench model, bench without backrest and the pouf model version as well.


A whole set with great versatility in outdoor spaces, which also works individually, and thanks to its wide range of finishes and colours, integrates its comfort at any park area, promenade and urban avenue.


Wooden bench and painted metal sheet.

Bru Pouf: 62 x 60 x 42cm h, 40kg.  |  24.5" x 23.5' x 16.5",  88 lbs
Bru: 180 x 60 x 76 cm h, 90 kg. |  71" x 23.5' x 30",  8198 lbs
Bru Backrest: 180 x 65 x 74 cm h, 120kg. |  71" x 25.5' x 129",  264 lbs

Materials and finishes:
FSC® Bolondo wood with monolayer oil. Option in European pine wood treated in an autoclave, class IV risk, free of chromium and arsenic, in accordance with the EN335 standard, achieving a water and fungicide resistant protection.
* Also available in larch wood with neutral oil on request.
Adapted to the European Standard, in accordance with the standard PRE / 227/2003. With option of additional treatment of monolayer oil, with tropical wood
colour pigment.

Choice of shot blasting stainless steel and powder painting. Paint based with epoxy primer, with thicker thickness of 80 microns (ISO 2630). With more than 1000h salt
spray resistance (ISO9227). Available in any RAL colour (minimum command of 5 units). Stainless steel screws.


Fixing to the floor by two M8 threaded bolts to be inserted in a hole, previously made in the pavement, and filled with epoxy resin or chemical peg.

Maintenance is not required. The wooden colour can be maintained by applying any type of existing product in the market for this purpose. The wooden base
can be replaced if necessary.

Bru Pouf: two pieces per pallet,
120 x 80 x 42, 40kg.
Bru: two pieces per pallet,
200 x 80 x 76, 90 kg.
Bru Backrest: two pieces per pallet,
200 x 80 x 74, 120kg.

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