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canoa, trip

canoa, trip

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Imperfect, meaning unique and exclusive like the fibreglass, wood and leather objects that are designed and created in its factory in Gambettola - Italy.The collection's soft rounded lines fit perfectly in the natural landscape. ? Thought for outdoor use, for gardens, beaches, swimming pools, this collection gives an unusual and pleasant touch indoors, too. Each piece is made from a mould, it is then sanded, painted and polished by hand. This meticulous and precise attention makes every single work unique and peculiar. The names and shapes recall nature, bulbi, gusci, ciottoli, but their unusual dimensions disclose The artist's talent for sculpture and painting. Imperfettolab is the trademark of their design and the gallery is a branch of  which promotes art research. It develops exhibition projects and performances. It is a place where artists can experiment and verify their work.




varnished seat in fibreglass.




CAN1.........  490x 85 x 71 cm    


TRO1.........  490x 85 x 71 cm    

TRO2.........  250 x 43 x 50 cm    

TRO3.........  350 x 49 x 50 cm    

Sits directly on the ground.. Can be weighted.




white, black, mettalic, light blue, chrome


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