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chicane barrier
chicane barrier
chicane barrier
chicane barrier
chicane barrier


product specifications

A concrete bollard shaped like an ellipsoid cone CHICANE is suited for positioning in various formations and repetitive patterns to restrict access. If a vehicle runs into it, CHICANE will fall over, but its shape will prevent it from rolling and wedge the bollard under the vehicle. Easy to set up and move around due to the moulded lifting threads on the top and hollows for forklifts at the bottom.




Molded white/black/grey poured, armoured concrete. Highly durable and weather-resistant.
Concrete is a dynamic material. Minor shrinkage cracks may occur over time.




230/600-900 x 1200 mm. Seating height 550 mm.



Positions directly on the ground. M16 thread on top. Weight of 0.5 ton eliminates need for mounting. 

Maintenance free. We recommend anti-graffiti coating to ensure easy removal of dirt and tags.


Available in white, grey or black concrete – or dyed to client specifications.
Also available with forklift hollows on the bottom of each unit.


M16 steel eyebolts, stainless steel or painted red.


Product code

325 0150 Chicane white / 0,5 ton
325 1150 Chicane w. forklift hollows, white / 0,5 ton

900 L110 Steel eyebolt M16, red powder painted
900 L111 Steel eyebolt M16, stainless steel
900 L112 Steel eyebolt M16, hot galvanized


Standard Colors

(approx. RAL)   White: RAL 9002


Variant Colors

(approx. RAL) Black: RAL 7016

                       Grey: RAL 7004

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