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composite  wood decking + wall system

composite wood decking + wall system

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Composite wood is a groundbreaking scientific and technological solution to the rapid deterioration and the environmental and economic problems encountered when using wood. It is made of wood flour from selected waste from the wood industry and an eco-friendly plastic component which helps protect and make it waterproof. This material combines the beauty, elegance and warmth of real wood while offering the amazing advantages of plastic.


Deck is a flooring system that enhances, with its essential beauty, any kind of traditional or modern environment. It is a complete decking system made up of composite wood with an elegant design, combined with high quality and functional accessories with great aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the invisible steel clips system, Greenwood Deck is easy to install and set and it is cut to length and drilled with the traditional equipment used for wood.




decking system was designed and implemented to improve the performance of wood, while maintaining its natural elegance and warmth.


The STANDARD system consists of:


  • Composite wood boards 162x22 mm

  • Aluminum connectors 55x20 mm

  • Stainless steel fastening clips

  • Jolly clips in PA 66

  • Stainless steel fastening screws

  • Stainless steel head clips (or start-end clip)

  • Indicative weight of the system: 27 kg/m2


Its properties are:

  • Top physical, mechanical and thermal properties

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Resistance to aging, weathering and staining, fungi, molds and bacteria and insects damage

  • Low maintenance

  • Low water absorption

  • High safety standards (non-slip, splinter-free)




freestanding or anchored to metal grid on leveling devices





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