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product specifications

FitStation was developed to enable 16 basic exercises to be carried out on the same unit. An innovative merging of traditional, separate training units.

FitStation inspires physical exertion and is ideal for urban training settings 


Working out should be fun. This was the starting point of landscape architect Mikkel Hjort when developing the new multi-training facility FitStation. Being a former runner himself he knows how much it takes to build up ones body. Working with Thomas Nolan, his former coach and current partner in running coach business Running26, he decided to develop a workout station with 16 integrated exercises.

The workout stations were developed for Herning Fodboldeksperimentarium who wanted to develop an alternative football facility to challenge users beyond the traditional offers of football fields. The project has already been awarded 2 prizes: one from Herning municipal council in 2011 and a bronze medal from the International Olympic Committee in 2013.




Rotation moulded polyethylene, 10mm thick, dyed. Moulded in one piece. UV-resistant, stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling


Surfaces and friction
The products have a textured/granulated surface due to abrasive blasting of the mold. This process enhances the friction and makes the surface less slippery.



TÜV approved as playground equipment acc. EN1176.


L3000 x B1500 x H900mm

Fill with water/sand through integrated plugs or surface/ground fixation. Brackets to be ordred separately.

This product withstands most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. The colour can be revived using vinyl cleaner or similar


Product code
149 0101 FitStation red /                   200kg
149 0102 FitStation limegreen /        200kg
149 0103 FitStation orange /            200kg
149 0104 FitStation yellow /             200kg
149 0109 FitStation purple /             200kg
149 0113 FitStation grey /                200kg
149 0117 FitStation blue /                200kg
149 0115 FitStation pastel blue /     200kg
149 0116 FitStation mokka brown / 200kg
149 0118 FitStation olive green /     200kg
900B2 Brackets for ground fixation
900B3 Brackets for surface fixation



Outdoor training station, which allows 16 basic exercises on the same unit.
Material: Rotation moulded polyethylene, 10mm thick, dyed.
Dimensions: L3000 x B1500 x H900mm.
Fixation: Fill with water/sand through integrated plugs or surface/ground fixation.



Standard colours  (approx. RAL)


Red:               RAL 3020

Limegreen:     RAL 120 70 60

Orange:          RAL 2003


Variant colours (approx. RAL)


Yellow:            RAL 1018

Purple:            RAL 4004


Grey:               RAL 7015

Blue:                RAL 5010

Pastel blue:     RAL 5024

Mokka brown: RAL 8028

Olive green:    RAL 6025

White:             RAL 9003

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