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product options overview

Interlocking Synthethic Grass Tiles


Savings and tax incentives

Thermal insulation and sound absorption

Create elevated surfaces

Change the concept of usable space

Modular, Reusable

No maintenance

product specifications

leaf shallow tile

other tiles; 3 different insulation thicknesses

3 different leg heights

wall tile

LEAF is the eco-friendly, lightweight, easy-to-handle module designed for renovation of roofs and terraces to enhance both the aesthetical and functional properties, in only 2.5cm (1") of thickness. 

A technologically state-of-the-art product, it allows water drainage and micro ventilation of the pavement. Thanks to its large contact area it distributes weight loads evenly, making the green surface stable and comfortable to walk on. Its design, compatible with the complete range of Roofingreen products, has been developed to protect the underlying waterproof layer for a long period of time, and allows for easy positioning of exterior electrical wiring.
Roofingreen LEAF is an innovative, dry system which redefines and adds value to the synthetic grass concept: durable, handy, lightweight and with a natural aspect, suitable for various applications.


Lightweightness and minimum thickness


LEAF is an innovative product responding to the demand for a slimmer, even lighter and handier solution than Roofingreen’s traditional lines of products.

  • LEAF is only 2.5 cm thick

  • it weighs only 8 kg/mq

  • minimum maintenance

  • replacement operations are simple and quick

  • it can be easily shaped when out of size

  • compatible with any Roofingreen’s line of products

  • puzzle System

  • installation extremely easy and cost efficient


Design and Technology


LEAF allows to renew terraces, balconies, paved areas of every size and shape. Thanks to its large contact area and the particular shape of the slots placed on the module’s base, it evenly distributes the weight loads and allows to:

  • remarkably improve water drainage

  • protect the underlying waterproof layer and make surfaces healthier

  • support the micro-ventilation of surfaces

  • facilitate the positioning and replacement of electrical wiring.


Environmental Benefits:


Attention to the environment, the founding and driving element of Roofingreen’s sytem, is also present in this newborn product:

  • no water consumption

  • high percentage of recyclable material

  • reversibility

  • replaceable modules

  • no use of harmful, liquid chemicals during installation


Quality and Comfort


LEAF’s artificial grass is of the highest quality standard and shows a particular natural look: a soft and durable pile made to last, maintaining its features intact for many years:

  • comfortable to walk on

  • natural look

  • UV resistant

  • weather Resistant

  • easily washable thank to its high water permeability.

LEAF is the perfect product to make terraces and outdoor spaces more welcoming and to give them a new life in an easy, fast and cost efficient way.





The advantages of a modular system without limits:
- Modularity and easy installation
- Perfect thermal insulation
- Sound absorption
- Resistance to U.V. rays
- Minimum maintenance
- Possibility of replacement of modules
- Support feet with adjustable height
- Mechanical resilience and structural stability
- Weatherability
- Zero water consumption
- Natural appearance
- Exceptional comfort in the journey
- High percentage of recyclable material
- Dry construction
- Easily removable and removable
- Shipyard cleaner




Size: 53 x 53 x 10 cm (21” x 21" x4””)

Number of tiles per box Varies based on the tile  

.up to 25kg per tile

up to 5.5sm per box



The insulating layer, along the interspace between the support surface and the surface, creates a perfect thermal insulation and sound absorption: ventilation in summer, protection from the cold winter. And muffled noises, all year round.


ease of installation; video

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