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helical wind turbine
helical wind turbine
helical wind turbine
helical wind turbine


product specifications

The Hercules Wind Turbine,  is a 9-meters high Vertical axis mini wind turbine that uses the wind as an endless source to produce clean energy. Our wind turbine, thanks to its exclusive features, can exploit wind’s energy anywhere it comes from, operating quietly and constantly.

This entirely Made-in-Italy by Enessere wind turbine perfectly integrates the environment it’s installed in and enhances its architectural and landscaping value. This clean energy-producing wind sculpture gives its best in environments such as private villas, public parks, gardens, hotel and yacht resorts, golf clubs, marinas and many more. Wind turns into beauty with ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine.

When it’s windy enough, Hercules Wind Turbine is ideal for standard domestic use. Thanks to its shape our wind turbine exploits the wind anywhere it comes from, with no need for reorientation, and it only needs minimum startup speed for it to work.

The Hercules Wind Turbine produces over 4 kW of instant power via its alternator, equal to an annual energy production of about 5000 kWh with an average wind speed of 6 m/s.

The turbine produces electricity that can be used for feed-ins (sale) or accumulated in batteries .

The Hercules Wind Turbine makes very little noise (about 38 dBA).

Clean electricity thus obtained by the wind turbine can be used on-grid or off-grid.

Concerning the first case, the turbine is connected to the national grid, thus allowing the sale of energy produced by the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine to the operator (in this case the national grid operator (GSE) must be informed beforehand).

However, in the off-grid mode, the turbine is isolated from the grid and the energy produced is stored into storage batteries that can be used in the turbine installation site. This way, stored energy won’t be sold to the operator but set aside to cope with the user’s needs via a specific, suitably sized battery pack that ensures the proper charge level and use.


Beauty is precision. Proportion. Harmonious forms. Those of Hercules aren’t accidental, they’re inspired by the golden ratio. This is why we’re conscious of how unique it is.

The golden ratio, also known as the Fidia’s constant or divine proportion, can be found in many shapes in nature and is instinctively associated by humans to the idea of beauty and harmony.

Hercules Wind Turbine‘s design is the result of in-depth aerodynamic studies by a team of wind energy engineers, made real by the expert hands of our craftsmen. This is where we started, by choosing to only work with first-grade materials.


Hercules Wind Turbine is created with surgical steel, wood and carbon fibers and also recovering materials used by aeronautic engineers in the early 20th century. With our wind turbine, made in Italy meets the latest state-of the art technologies.

The design of the wings has been subject to in-depth studies and created in order to optimize system performances, by using a specific profile, called NACA . The load-bearing carbon structure of the Hercules Wind Turbine wind turbine wings is coated with a dense weave of Pawlonia wood, handcrafted one by one thanks to the experience of our craftsmen, matured over decades of activity. This feature has a specific aerodynamic function, while the structural function is entrusted to the internal carbon rib structure.


Hercules Wind Turbine wings extend for more than three meters, just like the traditional composite material wings, but at the same time thanks to their design they give our wind turbine a unique and exclusive aesthetic value.

Moreover, the refined shape of the carbon spokes offers aesthetic and structural lightness that enhances the wings even more, in a continuous contrast with metal, carbon and natural material.


The tower, load-bearing structure of the Hercules Wind Turbine, has been created thanks to the contribution of structural simulations, stress and vibration tests, a result of the decades-long field experience of our master metal craftsmen that have been working for more than 40 years on the industrial and decor sector. Selecting valuable materials such as carbon for the spokes and stainless steel 316 for the tower offer the Hercules Wind Turbine unprecedented safety and structural strength.

First-class materials, manual expertise and technological innovation.


General Information 


Total Height8,85 m

Tower Height6,00 m

Rotor Width2,68 m

Wing Height3,76 m

Total Weight690 kg

Wing Structure MaterialCarbon Fiber

Wing Covering MaterialPaulownia Wood

Tower MaterialStainless Steel 316

Connecting Strut MaterialCarbon Fiber


Max Aerodynamic Power3,5 kW

Cut-in Wind Speed8 knots (~4,0 m/s)

Project Wind Speed48 knots (~25,0 m/s)

RPMMax 200 RPM

Annual Energy to 6 m/s~5000 kWh

Noise Level at 60 m38 dBA



safety is always at the forefront. This is why the Hercules vertical axis mini Wind Turbine features many sensors that can become operational if some parameters have abnormal values:

  • a speed sensor (anemometer) that stops the turbine if wind speed is too high, therefore potentially dangerous;

  • a dual revolutions sensor (RF and inverter) that stops it whenever it goes above 200 RPM;

  • a vibration sensor that activates by braking the system whenever it vibrates excessively, thus avoiding any damage to the structure that might compromise its operations;

  • a temperature sensor;

  • a dual brake (mechanical and electrical). The mechanical brake in particular, installed in addition to the inverter and hydraulically controlled, has been designed to start operating even when the panel isn’t powered up, in order to ensure maximum safety to the wind turbine.



The electronic components of our home wind turbine have been created thanks to Autoelettric‘s years of experience in the automotive field and the essential contribution of specialized wind energy engineers. Using trustworthy quality components used in the mass production was a specific choice made by our wind energy engineers.

Thanks to this know-how, the controller of the Hercules mini wind turbine was created with highly reliable quality components, thus ensuring our wind generators an artificial intelligence that optimizes wind exploitation and improves performances.

Finally the electromechanical components feature a careful selection of the generator, the real beating heart of the product, with the intention of finding the right combination of rotor size and adequate electricity production of the alternator.

Perfect balance of form and substance.


Hercules Wind Turbine is a wind turbine with a dual function: generating and using. This is why our wind turbine features artificial intelligence that optimizes its operations in all different working conditions. First off, the energy that usually dissipates in the braking phase of the rotor is recovered and used directly to power up the panel, thus decreasing energy consumption.

Most of all,Hercules Wind Turbine controller features artificial intelligence that lets it “follow the wind”: this way, generating performances are improved by decreasing the issues connected to the rotor’s inertia. Hercules Wind Turbine is also the only wind turbine that doesn’t just produce energy if there’s enough wind – the user can start it at the desired speed even if there’s very little to no wind.


Our turbine communicates with the user.

By using sensors applied to our wind turbines, at we started exploring new innovation territories towards a real artificial intelligence for our products and a real Internet of things (the so-called IoT) that connects the potential of web connections to the real world. This is how a customer is always able to autonomously manage the operations of the wind turbine both when turning on or off and when selecting rotation speed, by using the dedicated myTurbine app, that works not just on smartphones but also on any PC and tablet connected to the internet.

Only a few steps and you can setup what you need. This is how you can remotely manage the performances of the wind turbine by monitoring anywhere, any time, in real time your ENESSERE Hercules Wind Turbine.


we constantly assist and follow-up with our customers.

The installation of our wind turbine foresees the turnkey formula. This means the production, installation and positioning in-situ of our vertical axis mini wind turbine are included in the purchase price. It usually takes two days to get to the test phase of the Hercules Wind Turbine and the customer can choose, for instance, to rely on a trusted designer for the foundation and installation means.

Our work does not stop once the test phase is over. Our technicians constantly monitor the operations of the wind turbine and will immediately address any of the customer’s needs, in order to solve as quickly as possible any malfunction or issue.

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