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Islands alternates the properties of two urban furniture elements with the landscape emplacement through volumes that connect people with the natural environment. Its concave geometry, manufactured in UHPC, makes it a self-standing product which does not require anchors. It also has a threaded bolt in the upper vertex that facilitates its handling when installation operations take place.

product specifications




UHPC concrete, colored in mass, acid etched and waterproofed.


UHPC with various resistances depending on the needs of the piece. With a minimum cement content of 700kg/m3. Compressive strength 90-150 MPA. Flexion strengh 16-35 MPA. Cement: PORTLAND (BLIIB-LL52.5-R) cement and GRIFFI (BLIIB-LL52.5-R). Fiber: AR glass fber, or metal fibers in various formats depending of the piece. Aggregates: siliceous aggregates minor than 1mm. With warranties and EEC certifcate. Water: Does not contain impurities, silt or suspended organic components that can affect the quality of concrete such as structural concrete. Armed: steel welded with corrugated steel mesh B500 S (UNE3092).


Surface finish: Acid etching, leaving the aggregates on the surface and waterproofed. With anit-graffiti finish. Colors available according to color chart.



Island S:   280 x 195 x 52 h  |    79" x 77" x  21" h
Island L:   320 x 220 x 76 h  |   126" x 87" x 30" h



Island S:   1.100kg  |  2,420 lbs
Island L:    1.650kg  |  3,630 lbs   


The installation is simply supported on the ground as it is a self-standing piece. Compact pavement location is required for its installation. The manipulation is done by long polyester slings attached to an M-20 eyebolt which goes threaded to the upper bolt. Once the installation is finished, the threaded bo


Maintenance is not required, the hydrophobic-antigraffiti finish also prevents dirt adhering to the surface. To clean the surface, use high-pressure hot water.



Island S: one piece per pallet, 280 x 195 x 52, 1.100kg.

Island L: one piece per pallet, 320 x 220 x 76, 1.650kg.

standard concrete colors

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