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marte planter

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marte planter

product specifications

The Marte planter for public spaces is manufactured in conglomerate of marble stone and can be polished or bush hammered according to the customer taste. This functional outdoor planter is provided with water storage and overfill discharge system in order to assure the long life to the plants and to minimize their maintenance.

With its intense and bright colours and a unique material the Marte planter becomes an elegant protagonist of the city furnishings that gives a touch of value and style.





Precast concrete with marble or granite  conglomerate aggregate




Diameter:    1900mm        74.75"
Height:       1100mm         43.25"
Weight:      3000 kg          6600 lbs


placed feestanding.

Maintenance-free. Recommend a basic proofing procedure and subsequent anti-graffiti treatment.




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