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The ""METEOR"" garden bench family, designed by Arik Levy, is a sort of alien homedecor item, fallen to Earth, a redesign of the typical natural stone found in the landscape, now taken and transformed into an object of the domestic and urban landscape.

Meteor can be used as an informal garden bench, in various versions and sizes, for setting up outdoor spaces, even large ones, and gardens and for decorating terraces. Meteor is also an object of Italian interior design and can be a single object or a garden bench alongside more traditional pieces of contemporary furniture, in the set-up of shops and public spaces.

L 57 x P/D 50 x H 30 cm

L 87 x P/D 52 x H 32 cm

L 117 x P/D 69 x H 34 cm


L 22.5 x P/D 19.6 x H 11.8 in

L34.25 x P/D20.4 x H 12.5 in

L 46 x P/D 27 x H 13.3 in

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