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product specifications

A symbiosis of tree and bench

Design is good when it makes sense and is beautiful. Osa is one of those things that animate to touch with their aesthetics. Like a dream car that nobody can pass without gently stroking the paint in passing. At the same time, Osa is multifunctional and can of course be integrated into the urban environment. Just good design.

Osa is the result of the search for large street furniture that combines several functions.

The designers developed a concrete bench about five meters long with several seats and wooden supports. It is vandal-proof and offers space for the brochures of the city and tourist information. Osa is modular and can be placed around an existing tree to take advantage of its natural shade; an innovative connection system invisibly joins the individual modules together. The highlight: spotlights under a glass cover of the recess bathe the treetop in subtle light at night. Osa is individual and yet cheaper than standard furniture - a perfect symbiosis of design, function and economy.

Surface & Colours

  • Nature Look - Concrete Grey

  • Nature Look - Dark Grey

  • Nature Look - Cream White

  • Nature Look - Anthracite

  • Smooth Look - Acc to RAL shade

  • The element shall be put onto a compression proof or founded base

osa dim.jpg
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