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Ripple is street furniture made up of external floor covering and concrete benches for public urban spaces, inspired by ‘Ripples’, small dunes formed by grains of fine sand transported by the desert wind. Ripple benches are made in concrete, available in two models and two sizes: a backless bench and a bench with wooden back (iroko wood, pine wood or concrete imitation wood), both of them in 240 and extra large 350 centimeters long. The wooden textured back is anchored to the bench with metal plates emphasizing its shapes, in a balanced contrast of lines and materials. The back is also open to more features allowing use of bench on both sides, to sit on the front side and to lean on the rear side. 


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The PEBBLES seats are made of UHPC (ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE). The seat is internally reinforced with a steel structure. Within the seat there are 10-mm holes for rainwater drainage. Available in various colors



A. 2000 x 1500 x h 450
B. 1700 x 1000 x h 450
C. 1000 x 800 x h 450


Supported on ground.


Maintenance-free. Recommend a basic proofing procedure and subsequent anti-graffiti treatment




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