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rock k

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product specifications

ROCK can be implemented either as a bold, monolithic island solution, or as an unusual stand-alone concept comprising four unit blocks. This range is based on the master of minimalism, Donald Judd, who grouped cubes and cuboids together in his work in order to investigate the interplay between open and closed spaces.


In their most radical form, the four cubes based on Judd's "Minimal Myth" are placed beside one another with spacing of a few centimeters, like an art installation in the room. ROCK was awarded the German Design Award 2016 by the German Design Council. It won the prize in the category "Excellent Product Design".


Each unit is a unique piece. Even the inside is individually configured for each customer by hand. Based on the double hand-stitched magnetic felt inlay, the drawer elements are divided up using magnetic dividers and equipped with a wide variety of functional modules.

Kitchen archipelago consisting of four monolithic islands. Fig.: 6 mm natural stone Maya Black

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