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product specifications

Satellite is a new and challenging urban element that adapt the way children and young people are behaving in urban spaces. Relaxation and movement combined into a single piece of furniture.

Satellite can be setup in 4 different ways, which enables the user to sit in the cave, train parkour or use the ribs for climbing when the satellite is upright. An ideal lineup consists of 2-3 Satellites that create a special urban space.


Satellite was created via the project “Kærlig hilsen fra Nr. Snede” – Love from Nr. Snede – a project in the Danish municipality of Ikast/Brande working with young people in Danish provincial towns. The project accommodates young people on their own terms – creating a place to meet, hang out and feel young.

It focuses on sounds, dreams and networks. Soundscapes from different places around the world create dreams and curiosity. Young people can log onto Satellite via their mobile phones. From here they can step into a network of dreams, sounds, poetry and contact other young people in small provincial towns.




Rotation moulded polyethylene, 10mm thick, dyed. Moulded in one piece. UV-resistant, stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling


Surfaces and friction
The products have a textured/granulated surface due to abrasive blasting of the mold. This process enhances the friction and makes the surface less slippery.



TÜV approved as playground equipment acc. EN1176. when placed lying


2980 x 1720 x 2020mm

To be placed directly on the ground and filled 1/3 with water (400 liter) or sand (400 kg). In upright position the Satellite must be secured by surface or burial brackets – to be ordred separately.
This product withstands most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. The colour can be revived using vinyl cleaner or similar


Product code
152 0101 Satellite red /                  165kg
152 0102 Satellite limegreen /       165kg
152 0103 Satellite orange /            165kg
152 0104 Satellite yellow /             165kg
152 0109 Satellite purple /             165kg
152 0113 Satellite grey /                165kg
152 0117 Satellite blue /                165kg
152 0115 Satellite pastel blue /     165kg
152 0116 Satellite mokka brown / 165kg
152 0118 Satellite olive green /     165kg
900B2 Brackets for ground fixation
900B3 Brackets for surface fixation



Urban element for relaxation and movement
Material: Rotation moulded polyethylene, 10-12 mm thick, dyed
Dimensions: 2980 x 1720 x 2020mm.
Fixation: To be placed directly on the ground and filled 1/3 with water (400 liter) or sand (400 kg). In upright position the Satellite must be secured by surface or burial brackets..





red              RAL 3020

limegreen   RAL 120 70 60

orange        RAL 2003

VARIANT COLORS        (Approx RAL)

yellow         RAL 1018

purple         RAL 4004


grey            RAL 7015

blue            RAL 5010

pastel blue  RAL 5024

brown          RAL 8028

olive green  RAL 6025

white           RAL 9003

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