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product specifications

A flowerpot with a strong visual shape giving a character to the room both outside and inside. Because of its smooth round shape and the many different colours Scoop fits in almost anywhere in urban space.

Scoop is well suited for trees and bushes.


The soft, round shape of Scoop is intended to make it appear as an accommodating and personal element in public space. Simultaneously, I wanted to make conscious choices concerning materials and disposal to minimise impact on nature.




Rotation moulded polyethylene, 10mm thick, dyed. Moulded in one piece. UV-resistant, stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling


Surfaces and friction
The products have a textured/granulated surface due to abrasive blasting of the mold. This process enhances the friction and makes the surface less slippery.


The flowerpot consists of 2 parts: an outer and an inner container.
Outer container: Ø970mm. Volume: 65L.
Inner container: measuring Ø500mm at the top, Ø400mm at the bottom. Planting depth approx. 400mm.


The inner container is perforated at the bottom, so the roots of the plant in time will find their ways down to the water in the large water reservoir. However, occasional watering and tendering are required.

For surface and ground fixation. Also possible to use wheels. Brackets and wheels to be ordred separately.

This product withstands most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner. The colour can be revived using vinyl cleaner or similar


Product code
142 0101 Scoop red /               18kg
142 0102 Scoop limegreen /    18kg
142 0156 Scoop orange /         18kg
142 0109 Scoop purple /          18kg
142 0113 Scoop grey /             18kg
142 0117 Scoop blue /             18kg
142 0111 Scoop sandstone /   18kg
142 0120 Scoop grey granite / 18kg
900F2 Brackets for surface fixation
900F3 Brackets for ground fixation
900F4 Brackets with 3 wheels



Material: Rotation moulded polyethylene, 6-7mm thick, dyed
Outer container: Ø970mm. H650mm. Inner capacity 65L.
Inner container: measuring Ø500mm at the top, Ø400mm at the bottom. Planting depth approx. 400mm.
Fixation or mobile: For surface and ground fixation or wheels.



Standard colours  (approx. RAL)


Red:               RAL 3020

Limegreen:     RAL 120 70 60

Orange:          RAL 2003


Variant colours (approx. RAL)


Yellow:            RAL 1018

Purple:            RAL 4004


Grey:               RAL 7015

Gray                Granite


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