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product specifications




The Sliver Lounge consists of a polyethylene body that is stiffened with an interior angle steel frame. Polyethylene is not water-soluble and has no negative ecological effects. All components of the unit are easy to separate from one another at the end of the unit‘s service life and they are up to 100% recyclable.


The base plates of hot-dip galvanised steel bear the bars and enable three set-up variants:

1) free-standing: the base plates have polyamide floor gliders to prevent damage to the floor covering. Using the round cover in the middle, the structure can be filled with sand in order to increase the weight of the unit.


2) floor-bolted: hot-dip galvanised lugs allow bolting of the unit to the substructure. In this variant, safety bolts with a counter-sunk head and metric anchor bolts are included in the scope of delivery.


3) set in concrete: Ground anchors of hot-dip galvanised angle steel offer the opportunity to fix the unit with a concrete base.


199 x 60 x 42 cm |   78.34" x 23.6" x 16.5" h

weight;  39kg | 85.8 lbs

See options above


Maintenance and care of the polyetylene surface: - For regular cleaning, do not use any abrasive or caustic cleaning agents (scouring powder, scouring sponge, steel wool), no polishes, waxes, furniture polishes or bleaching agents. Do not use any cleaning agents which contain strong acids or strong acid salts, e.g. decalcifier based on formic acids or aminosulfic acids, drain pipe cleaner, salt acid, silver polish, oven cleaner. -


For normal soiling, use normal cleaning agents without caustic components, soft soap or curd soap and soft sponge or brush (e.g. nylon brush). Allow cleaning agents to soak depending on the degree of soiling, then wash with clear water and rub dry with paper towels. If necessary, re-treat with disinfecting agents. - In case of excessive or stubborn soiling due to paints, lacquers or glue, use organic solvents such as acetone, spirits, petrol, trichlorethane or nail polish remover. Always heed the manufacturer‘s accident-prevention regulations! For mechanical removal of soiling, avoid scratches: use plastic scraper or wood spatula. - Steam cleaning of the Polypropylene surface is allowed. - To avoid smears due to remains of cleaning agents or organic solvents, rinse with clear water (if necessary several times) and rub dry with paper towels.


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