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Reinventing the bike rack, VERTIK is the most innovative and spectacular solution to showcase the bike indoor. Our iconic handlebar-shaped logo turns into a stunning floor lamp that celebrates the beauty of the frame. More than that, the stylish rack displays the bicycle upright, with a relevant space-saving benefit. A radical innovation. The range includes several models, depending on the finish. 


VERTIGO Space Silver, a sleek shade of metallic grey. VERTIK Matte Black, a graphic hue lit by a subtle microglitter. VERTIK Satin Bronze, an eye-catching mineral tone. VERTIK GIRO102 is the limited edition inspired by the legendary maglia rosa hue. And VERTIK LM, the luxury edition covered with precious aniline full-grain leather and gold finishings. 


More and more people around the globe today choose to store their beautiful bike inside, even in the living room, to enjoy it as work of art. Cycling is their passion and they want to declare it to the world. But as not all cyclists live in a mansion, space-saving solutions are very much welcomed. VERTIK is the coolest answer: not only it’s a breath-taking floor lamp that illuminates the room with a radiant light and, thanks to its sleek contemporary design, stands out in all surroundings like a luminous sculpture. But, above all, as a freestanding bike rack, it stores the bicycle upright, enhancing the frame design and… saving a lot of space. It’s a radical innovation that turns a new light on your passion. VERTIK Black is a graphic statement: its hand-varnished matte finish enhances the deep glits black shade. 100% made in Italy.

kryon wall bracket

Essential, performant, unique. KRYON is the ultimate evolution of the wall-mount concept. It’s the sleek stainless steel bracket that doubles as a reliable lock, to give your gorgeous bike extra security against thieves: at home, in the office, in the garage and even outdoors. As a beautiful piece of design, KRYON combines fluid and beautiful aesthetics with a maniac care for smart features that allow to customise it to your needs. It’s a mechanical jewel made out of 18 different components, tooled and assembled by hand. In Italy.


KRYON is made of AISI-304 stainless steel, a top quality alloy with a higher corrosion resistance than regular steel. And it’s equipped with a Technogel™ pad to be stuck on the base, to avoid scratches and sliding. For the most sophisticated tastes, it’s available a precious accessories Kit, made of fine Italian leather, hand-sewn: a soft saddle cover, a key ring with a carabiner and the wheel strap. You can choose among five colours – dark brown, black, white, yellow and red – and you have a special perk if you buy it together with the wall-mount. KRYON makes it also convenient to do maintenance: with the bracket is at its maximum extension and your bicycle safely parked on the saddle, you can fix it and clean it. Last but not least, it’s easy to mount on the wall: we provide the security anchors and the targeting mask, you only need to use your drill.


NEOS is a showpiece with a retro-futuristic design, inspired by Pop Art. A stunning piece of furniture, that stores the bike and the gear. You can choose among several models. NEOS MONO is available in glossy black or ivory white and the leather accessories match the stand’s color. You can customize NEOS COMBO by choosing the leather kit’s color among black, white, red or yellow. NEOS MATT has a cutting-edge opaque black finish with a soft-touch appeal. NEOS GIRO102 is dedicated to Giro d’Italia 2019 inspired by the maglia rosa hue. NEOS 3T is the special edition inspired by the Strada Stealth Team, the unique artwork is varnished by hand in all 3T colors. NEOS CUSTOM is the made-to-measure model: colors and graphics are chosen by the cyclist.

domus bike shelf

DOMUS is a new take on the bookshelf concept: it’s an outrageously spectacular stage that celebrates your bicycle, without compromising on functionality. Thanks to its essential design, this smart organiser, supported by a durable solid wood frame, beautifully blends into the most sophisticated surroundings. And it’s got a surprising climax detail: the clothes rack – shaped as a handlebar, mirroring Vadolibero logo – is a LED lamp, that you can switch on and off and dimmer with the touch sensor switch, placed at one end. And when evening comes, it casts an evocative light on your beautiful bike. 


DOMUS has a modular structure. In the lower compartments, equipped with one spacious oakwood drawer, you can organize everything you need to go cycling, whether it is a commuter urban ride or an Mtb trip. And if you need more storage space, you can add one or two big drawers, or several partitions and small drawers  If you still need more space, you can add a Mag Unit (35 cm wide) designed for books and magazines, equipped with severl partitions or a wider Side Unit (50 cm wide) provided with four shelves, to be positioned according to your needs. To help you stow your apparel with the smallest footprint, 


DOMUS is provided with four Organizer Bands, made of black elastic with our embroidered logo in white: wrap your bib pants and jackets and store them neatly in the drawers. On the base you can park all kinds of bicycles, thanks to the satin stainless steel universal clamp, that you can easily adjust to accommodate any wheel and handlebar width. The stainless steel clothes rack comes with two leather hooks to hang jackets or accessories; moreover, DOMUS is equipped with six solid oakwood poles that you can arrange as you please in the holes on the side panel. Designed to guarantee the easiest assembly, DOMUS is available in different wood shades, with a matte finish: natural oak, dark brown oak,  black oak and the precious Canaletto walnut.

origo bike butler

Much more than a stand, this classy piece of furniture is a unique and efficient cyclist’s butler. Slender but spacious, the cycling station welcomes the rider home and stores the bicycle and the gear, keeping all ready for the next ride. The range includes several models, depending on the wood veneers. ORIGO•C in natural maple, ORIGO•B in black oak, ORIGO•X in dark brown oak, and ORIGO•W made of precious Canaletto walnut. ORIGO VOX is the outrageous version that doubles as a high quality stereo system and wireless charging station.


The ORIGO•C model is the “classico”. The smartest bike stand around, here adopts a subtle and essential look: dedicated to those who love nature and open spaces, it evokes northern forests and pure mountain air with its flexuous maple woodgrain, and the matte finish magnifies the wood natural brightness. ORIGO•C is a pleasant and discreet presence that fits into any surroundings. Designed to store the bicycle and the gear till your next ride, as an efficient butler, ORIGO•C is exactly what you desire: a “personal cycling station” you can count on, that takes care of all you need to go riding. In one place. On the top shelf you empty your pockets and manage the recharging of your digital devices: if you have many of them, you can place a power strip behind the drawer, tuck its cable into the bottom shelf hole. And you’ll have one wire only plugged into the wall socket.


For keys, sunglasses, watch and small accessories there is a clever vertical compartment equipped with a magnetic folding door and four stainless steel hooks: it helps you organize your stuff and you’ll be sure to find everything you will look for when you go out. More than that, ORIGO•C offers other capacious storage spaces: in the roomy drawer, you can stow your helmet, together with riding clothing and accessories; while the discrete inner cubby is the perfect place to cache your cycling shoes and let them rest after the ride. Thanks to its tube-shaped base, made of crystal blasted stainless steel, this sleek piece of furniture doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall (forget anchors, drill, and dust!): it’s freestanding.


Essential and functional, GENUS is the space-saving universal wallmount that doubles as a gear rack. Made of refined solid wood, it’s meant for the cyclists who don’t leave the bike in the garage… they prefer a design piece that let them store it at home, gathering their cycling equipment. Available in black oakwood and Canaletto walnut. 


And GENUS is our new creation: it’s the smart fusion between a vertical bike rack and a coat rack. The result is that you can beautifully store your bicycle and hang all the gear in one convenient place, organising neatly the different accessories. In other words, it’s the perfect answer for those of us who don’t want to stuff their gorgeous steed in the back of the garage next to the lawn mower.

Sleek and simple, it’s an organic design piece with a great aesthetic impact. It recalls the shape of a tree, featuring a rounded solid matte black oakwood trunk that hosts the bike, and seven branches on the sides for the gear: each one has been scrupulously designed to fit and hang all cycling accessories (and more).


GENUS essential design makes it a beautiful piece of furniture that embellishes any entrance and can be placed in the most diverse environments: it’s ideal for modern contexts, including minimalistic or Scandinavian décor, and it perfectly blends into classic surroundings, too.

As a unique feature on the market, GENUS is provided with an adjustable wheel hook, covered in precious leather, that can be set to fit all bicycle’s sizes. You customize its position by screwing the iron plate, in the back of the wall mount, at the convenient height that suits your bike. The hook is 80 mm deep: it’s designed to let you hang most of the wheels; if yours have higher rims than the average, on request it’s available the Hook XL, that is 110 mm deep.


GENUS is smart and simple. Before using it for the first time, you have to screw the seven hand-milled branches in the provided threaded holes. Each branch features a different inclination and length, according to the kind of accessory that will be hung on it.

The two longest branches have to be placed at the top of the wall mount: the right hook is designed to store the helmet (any type of helmet, MTB’s included), while the one on the left it’s perfect to hang the cycling clothes: jackets, jerseys, bib shorts, baselayers, tshirts…


Positioned in the middle of the trunk, on both sides, there are the three most versatile hooks. They have been conceived to let you hang a wide variety of different accessories: all kinds of bags (no matter what the size or the shape is), hats and cycling caps, sunglasses, devices… and all the cycling gadgets you use to fully enjoy your rides. And if it helps you having peaceful relations in the family, you can always reserve one branch for your partner’s gear!

Last but not least, the two branches on the bottom left are meant for the cycling shoes: their different length allows to hang both of them in a nice, easy way.

To help you stow your apparel with the smallest footprint, GENUS is provided with one Organizer Band, made of black elastic with our hand-embroidered logo in white: you use it to wrap your bib pants or jacket and hang them neatly on the hooks.


GENUS is very easy to mount. It’s equipped with two anchor plates (their matching plates are mounted on the back of the trunk) and four anchors, suitable for all kinds of walls (drywalls, too). A cardboard targeting mask is included in the box. Once you’ve drilled and screwed the anchors into the wall, you just hang the trunk on the matching plates.


The Allen key allows to fasten the screw placed into the hole at the bottom, to block the rack to the wall. GENUS can carry up to 35 kg: also the MTB and the heaviest e-bikes (with the gear) can be hung on it. And it’s extremely easy to use: once you’ve secured it on the wall, at the most comfortable height, you lift the bike upright on the back wheel and then hang the front wheel. That’s it. Enjoy it!

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