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Urban is an aesthetically-pleasing design with a clean-lined composite moulded base topped with contrasting oak wooden slats to give a softer edge.

The composite base can be manufactured in any colour and the oak wood slat-top can also be produced in GRP and can be made in a variety of colours. Urban is an ideal seating option for large commercial and urban spaces. The chunky seat is available in 1m or 2m sizes and can be positioned as a standalone seat or in linear pairs or group arrangements when space planning.  

Our stylish, modern designs produce striking landscape features, each seat can be made in any BS/RAL colour to match any colour scheme or corporate interior.

Create a welcoming space to both impress and relax visitors in commercial and residential settings.




Colored fiberglass.



56 x 56 x 45cm ,  22" x 22" x 17.75'

75 x 56 x 45cm,  29.5' x 22"x 17.75"

Sits directly on the ground.. Can be weighted.





Have your products manufactured in your corporate colours or any other colour of your choice





With oak wood slats

Composite moulded base topped with contrasting oak wooden slats.

With GRP coloured slats

Composite moulded base, with slat-top produced in GRP and can be made in any or a variety of colours.

Without slats

Composite moulded base.
An aesthetically-pleasing design with simple lines and in any colour.

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