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vice versa

product specifications

A modular seating system that declines, through small volumes, micro-architectures with multiple combinations, adaptable to any context, where the charm of its
infinite variations is inherent. Four basic elements to give life to various ways of sitting and relating. The first one favors two sessions in a minimal space, creating a visual contrast that recalls the "V", between the amplitude of the two seats and the single support on the floor. The second is his reverse, to be understood as synonymous with the other. The third element, in relation to the first one, has a higher seat, a comfortable
ischial suppor. While the fourth oblique-shaped parallelepiped, expresses a clear synthesis of all the previous elements. The modules are modular, from the minimum
encumbrance and adaptable to any space, allowing to become a game element, integrating the individual elements each time in an always different set.



Spline can be made of closed section sheet
in stainless steel or corten in appropriate
thicknesses (less than 10mm) or in reconstituted
stone with greater thicknesses.





140 x 140 x 45/35/100 cm

55.7" x 55.7' x 17.75"/39.5" / 39.37' in

placed freestanding.


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